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A dull and gloomy ceiling can bring the atmosphere of an entire environment down if the floors, walls and furniture have received a deep clean but the roof was missed. Dirt and dust can quickly become airborne and will collect in the hardest to stick out to places, including ceilings – whatever the material. These can cause the spread of illness and triggers symptoms of asthma and allergies. This is why ceiling cleaning should be part of the high maintenance of your home or business area. 

And while there are many advantages in cleaning and sanitizing your ceiling, our team of cleaners will make sure to give you another extra mile in making sure that you’ll never regret the idea of having it. Here are some of our ceiling cleaning services benefits.

  • Cost Saving: Ceiling cleaning costs 75% less than ceiling substitution, and 50% less cost than new painting.
  • Flexible: Our company make sure of fast response whenever the cleaning is needed. This means less destruction to your affected ceilings.
  • Affordable: Ceiling cleaning service will show a considerable return on investment by increasing the life of your ceiling tiles and enhancing the air quality of your space.
  • Environmental Friendly: Our antidote ceiling cleaning uses non-toxic and authorized solutions to protect the flexibility of the material at the same time; it protects the people around the area.  


Hazards of Dirty Ceilings

Due to profusion of moisture that is usually a result of inadequate ventilation, weak linkages, humidity, ceilings may grow mould which has dangerous effects on people’s health. Some common sickness linked to mould includes: skin and eye irritation, nosebleed, chest tightness, headaches, sore throat, and nasal and sinus problems 

If left unchecked, these ailments can develop into a much more dangerous situation that may lead to death. As they say, prevention is better than cure, but in this case, appropriate maintenance is better than a whole replacement. 

Our cleaning services, including ceiling cleaning, can help brighten up even the dullest and tired-looking tiles. Whether it is water stains, grease or general dirt, our leading technology can revitalize your ceiling to bring it back to a “like new” status. We use lift equipment to have access to the top reaches of your home or building.  We understand that suspended ceilings flatter over time. We can rehabilitate the material fibre and pan ceiling tiles with the lowest disturbance but visible results – a far economical solution to a perfect ceiling replacement. Entrusting the work to us is the assurance for a job well done. 

Are you tired of looking at dirty, dull and faded ceiling tiles? Are you cringing at the thought of the time, money and effort it would take to fix and replace them? When was the rearmost time your ceilings received a proper and thorough cleaning? We are more than happy to serve you! Our personnel are all certified and recommended to clean ceilings effectively and safely. Let us fix your ceilings and make it more attractive and neat. 

Don’t hesitate to ask. For further questions regarding our ceiling services, call us today!


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