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The current and worldwide outburst of Coronavirus 2019 caused many people to be more careful and alert when it comes to their health and sanitation status. Some medical guidelines are to be followed in order to survive the sting of this deadly virus. Wearing a mask, observing social distance, proper handwashing, and appropriate disinfection is essential.

Different countries are implementing lockdowns and quarantines that restrict people to go outside—having known that the virus can transmit from one person to another through droplets suspended in the air. Yet, essential establishments and business are in continuous operation during this time to provide the needs of everybody. This is why having a company like Covid-19 Disinfecting Experts Chicago on your side is very important. 

Our company offers various disinfection application programs that can help you combat the virus. Our safe and coefficient procedures are validated by appropriate resource persons, making them more productive and qualified than simple cleaning methods. Also, company research has been developed and proved that proper disinfection eliminates the chance of getting Covid-19 residues. We brag about the expertise of our company to overcome the challenges of this current pandemic through disinfection. 

Our Approach in Covid-19 Disinfecting

  • Treatment of all direct and indirect reachable surfaces of your place, whether it’s residential or commercial locations. 
  • Disinfection of possible and easy affected equipment like Air Conditioners and Heating Ventilations.
  • Cold fogging is also applied to remove airborne viruses and bacteria that can easily be attached to surfaces.
  • All infected materials and suspected materials are cleaned, disinfected and rightly disposed of as biohazard waste.
  • Using EPA registered industrial-strength disinfectants with comprehensive spectrum kill claim.



  • Reduce the high risk of having a virus and various symptoms of Corona Virus.
  • Reduce suspected cases with precautionary disinfection, which is proven to be functional.
  • Reduce cross-contamination and contacts from one person to another.



  • Inhibitory and post Covid-19 disinfection services.
  • In-depth and thorough preliminary risk assessment
  • Dedicated and authenticated working protocol.
  • Trained and well-equipped disinfecting personnel 



  • We ensure to have strict compliance with the ECDC standards and safety regulations for our employees and customers.
  • Fully compressed personal protective equipment (PPE) and full-face respirator mask are worn by our certified cleanup technicians, at all times to avoid contacts. At the same time, the social distance of the team is observed.
  • We also hold fast to a stringent coronavirus mobilization process for our equipment, waste storage areas and trucks.
  • Monitoring clearances and qualification of our professional cleaners to assure capability.


This pandemic outbreak is a dire situation, and we understand that your health safety, your family’s safety and even your employee’s safety are on the line and must be the priority. Mere cleaning is not enough to ensure proper hygiene and full security.

Our cleaning company is here to help. Our tried and qualified disinfecting services can surely kill viruses on the surface or on objects that can’t be met by a normal eye. Please don’t take any chances and don’t let the virus have its way through your place. 

For questions and inquiries on our coronavirus cleaning methods, reach out to us now! 


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