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Much like tile, natural stones such as marble, slate and granite can be some of the most abused wall and floor awnings for both of the home’s interior and exterior designs. These kinds of stones are beautiful, yet they quickly become stained and discoloured. Natural stones are porous materials, which means they can also easily absorb spills and stains.

Keeping these surfaces clean and neat is very important, as it can enhance the beauty and can bring a positive ambience to your home, inside out.  On the other side of the coin, to keep it clean is to expect safety and protection from any unwanted bacteria and viruses. When natural stone is not cleaned and maintained appropriately, it can do the opposite. 

So what is the best option in bringing back life into your natural stones? You can spend the whole week tackling the long-ignored cleaning of your stone walkway. Who has the time to do and fix that? Replacing the worn surfaces can also be your choice. But do you have the courage in investing money into something that can be cleaned for a fraction of the cost?

There are a lot of cleaning services who give publicity to their stone cleaning services. Still, it is always essential to look for a business with a proven record and satisfactory testimonials. Tile Cleaning Chicago’s natural stone cleaning experts are well-trained in this kind of great work. Additionally, their experiences made them qualified in renewing broken and grimy stones, cleaning not just the surface but also the pores below the surface in these porous materials.


  1. Deep Cleaning

Without deep cleaning of your stones, you can’t begin in sealing and restoring it. Whether it is soiled cracks and depressions, our team removes dirt, mildew, algae and any built-up bacteria on granite, quartz, limestone, marble, slate and more. And, using an eco-friendly cleaning solution safe for stone surfaces, we will make sure that no damage will come to your stone.

  1. Sealing Protection

When the cleaning and polishing process is done, applying spray seals will follow to ensure that your stone is protected from water and any harmful elements. The team sealer will form a protective shield on the stone’s surface, which can bring out the colour and natural beauty of the rock- making it look like new.

  1. Expert Aftercare Instructions

Sealing is not the end when it comes to stone cleaning. Care and attention are needed to extend the stone’s life. Experts believe that right mopping methods and correct aftercare make the cleaning process last longer. Our company’s professional cleaners will provide tips and advice on how to take good care of your stone surfaces.


There is not just a single way to correctly clean natural stones. If you need some master assistance to breathe new life into your stone surfaces, we invite you to contact us today to discuss our various cleaning methods. Our team would love to hear and to help you deal with your stone problems. Drop us a line!


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